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Story setting by john reynolds gardiner potato trivia little willy, the character you are about to meet, lives on a potato farm with his grandfather and searchlight, his dog. Each chapter of the novel study focuses on one chapter of stone fox and is comprised of five different activities. Then stone fox pulled out his rifle and shot in the air. Click here for best free theme units,activities,educational sites,teaching ideas,lesson plans, fun,crafts,childrenpreschoolkfirstsecondthirdfourthfifth to 12th gradeteaching tips or guide. Stone fox has refused to speak to white men until the end of chapter 10. Stone fox is a popular childrens novel by john reynolds gardiner about a boy and his dog. Comprehension questions for each chapter vocabular. Stone fox by john reynolds gardiner i read this book aloud to my kids today, and let me tell you. Think back on some of your favorite characters from past.

Little willy asked stone fox if searchlight was dead. This guide or comprehension packet includes vocabulary lists for discussion, comprehension questions, and also allows students to write and illustrate an epilogue. Willys grandfather becomes severely depressed and incapacitated. Write vocabulary on the cover and chapter 1, 2, 3, etc on each tab some chapters have only a few vocabulary words, some have quite a few, so plan ahead. Ppt the setting of stone fox powerpoint presentation. Jackson jackson is the town where willy and his grandfather live. The film premiered on march 30, 1987 on nbc and stars buddy ebsen as grandpa, joey cramer as willy, gordon tootoosis as stone fox, and belinda montgomery as doc smith. Start studying stone fox chapters 14 comprehension check. Its fun to be outdoors and see the snowflakes float down past the brim of your hat, and hear the squeak of the fresh powder under your boots. The protagonist in most novels features the main character or good guy. Stone fox available for download and read online in other formats.

Stone fox chapter 3 multiple choice questions its not a dirty snow. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. As he fed grandfather his oatmeal, he tried to hide his eye. Stone fox by john reynolds gardiner chapter 1 before you read the chapter. Little willy little willy is the main protagonist of the book and is central to the bildungsroman narrative. There are several activities attached including a venn diagram we use during the watching of the movie the movie is incredibly different than the book. It sold millions of copies and was adapted for a television film in 1987. Stone fox is a 1987 television film adaptation of the book. In the childrens book stone fox by john reynolds gardiner, 10yearold protagonist willy takes on adult responsibilities when his grandfather falls into a deep depression. The reason i picked this quote is because it is when little willy and searchlight. He needed the paper version as they will be using for school. He stands little chance against a disgruntled american indian known as stone fox. Students can replay these lessons any time, any place, on any connected device.

Stone fox by john reynolds gardiner activity sheets attached movie. Students will read the book stone foxabout a dog, a boy, and their friendship. This twopage comprehension sheet has questions about the book stone fox. An additional set of answer keys are found at the end of the unit. To the left is a samoyed the type of dog that stone fox has. Write a paragraph showing what stone fox s actions reveal about him at different times in the story. Examples of figurative language in stone fox by john reynolds gardiner learn with flashcards, games, and more for free. Stone fox resources research project prereading webquest that looks very, very good but has many broken research links and the rubric link is no longer there, however, if anyone wants to do this i am sure that we can find new links and work something out, if nothing else it may be a good source of ideas. Willy practices everyday and starts the race out ahead, but stone fox moves up. Praise for molly rosen guy and the stone fox bride phenomenon the current weddingwear darling of the jammin and instagrammin set offers an insouciant, antiestablishment approach to weddings. I used to roll my eyes and laugh when my mom cried at emotional stories. This includes 20 pages with 10 different direct figurative language quotes from the. It tells the story of willy and how he must try to save his grandfathers farm.

The book is full of details about the boy and his dog, it gives great insight into the way people live that may not be as affluent as others. This resource allows your students to illustrate what the author is saying literally while explaining what the author meant in using figurative language. Our software turns any ipad or web browser into a recordable, interactive whiteboard, making it easy for teachers and experts to create engaging video lessons and share them on the web. Stone fox by john reynolds gardiner suggestions and expectations this curriculum unit can be used in a variety of ways. The protagonist of stone fox is a very likeable tenyearold boy, willy, who lives on a small farm in the state of wyoming. My grandson had to read the stone fox for his summer reading project. This asset contains classroom discussion questions about this book. How does stone fox act the first two times you meet him. Do you think this affected stone fox s decision to let willy win. What do you think has changed his decision and made it worth speaking. I dont remember but i read the book along time ago ok book.

The childrens book stone fox, by john reynolds gardiner, is the adventurous story of a 10yearold boy named willy who needs to save his sick grandfathers potato farm from tax collectors. We are not given a specific year, but it would have taken place in the early 1900s. Stone fox is a character as well as the title of the book. Willy, aided by his dog, harvests and sells their farms potato crop. Willy is very familiar with the town, and hes able to put that knowledge to use during the race. This is where you will find the answers for the vocabulary test. With his grandfather depressed, willy and his dog, searchlight, harvest the crop themselves. Compare stone fox book to stone fox movie 218 unit constructed response questioncompare stone fox book to other dog books 220. What is some examples in stone fox that show how willy is determined and thoughtful in chapter two. Willys grandfather is always playing pranks on him. John reynolds gardiner s debut childrens novel, stone fox, was published in 1980 and was included on that years new york times list of notable books of the year. In this lesson, students use the book, stone fox, to understand income, capital, saving, taxes, and credit. Stone fox, a harper trophy book by john reynolds gardiner, opens with a ten year old boy, willy, on a potato farm in wyoming.

The air is clear and crisp, and the rivers are all frozen. Created using powtoon free sign up at your own animated videos and animated presentations for free. In the third person voice, filtered exclusively through the central character. This novel study includes everything you need to guide your instruction of the novel stone fox. This works best for me with a classroom set of the book, but it can also be done as a read aloud. This 28page guide for stone fox by john reynolds gardiner includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis covering 10 chapters, as well as several more indepth sections. Introduce students to unfamiliar words they will find in the book by john reynolds gardiner.

Stone fox tells the story of little willy, a ten year old who enters a challenging dogsled race in hopes of winning money to pay the back taxes on his grandfathers farm. When did the story of stone fox take place answers. The characters and the place are fictional, but growing potatoes is not. He is a 10yearold boy who lives with his grandfather and his dog, searchlight, on a potato farm in wyoming. Materials for language teaching at rudolf steiner waldorf schools stone fox by john reynolds gardiner edition waldorf, stuttgart 20 isbn 9783940606969 extra materials for teachers by peter morris version 1 april 2014 some ideas for working with the exercises an introduction to working with these exercises and the book in general. The book came two days after ordering and he started reading it right away. Stone fox little willy lives with his grandfather on a farm in wyoming. Doc smith had snow white hair and wore a long black dress. Willy attends school there, and he frequently goes to the general shop. The book stone fox incorporates a lot of figurative language. Stone fox stone fox is the competitive racer and he is the man who beats everyone every single year in the races other facts good quotes by the character a good quote by the character is ill win. This tribe lived in the area of the united states where wyoming is now located.

The activites included are perfect to use for a whole class instruction, small group book clubs, or literature circles. Students will read the book stone fox about a dog, a boy, and their friendship. Stone fox story elements by jeremy lingenfelter on prezi. Stone fox novel unit free sample by digging deeper tpt. His biggest obstacle is stone fox, an indian who has never lost a race. Stone fox is a 1980 childrens novel by john reynolds gardiner. One morning, willys grandfather is lying in bed, unable to wake up. Each time you read about a new character, write a few words to describe him or her. These stone fox cootie catchers are a great way for students to have fun while learning about the characters and plot developments of the book.

Educreations is a community where anyone can teach what they know and learn what they dont. This topic is recommended for students who have read the entire book. Stone fox chapters 14 comprehension check flashcards. Its a clean, soft snow that rests like a blanket over the entire state. Stone fox novel study by setting the standard teachers. Willy told stone fox that he was going to beat him in the race because grandfather said if.

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