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Saxophones electric vs traditional cafesaxophone forum. Please wait 5 10 seconds after connecting the instrument. Akai ewi usb quick start manual pdf download manualslib. A wind controller can be used for alternative sounds that musicians cannot. I recently came into possession of an akai ewi usb. The ewi is certainly a nice controller, but our sylphyo behaves much more like an acoustic instrument, mostly with respect to air flow we come closer to the pleasant feeling of blowing into a recorderflute, see this picture for the internals. Wind controller synth synthesizer akai ewi usb ewiusb. If anyone wants my ewi usb, feel free to make me an offer as ill probably be putting it on craigslist or something very soon. Firmware software updates documents and data about yamaha. This is an outstanding, instrument for any wind controller player just getting into wind control. A lot of people loved the ewi and claim its better, but it just wasnt for me.

It was invented by nyle steiner, who conceptualized the idea in the 1960s, and developed the first working models in the 1970s. Wx5 is not available in some countries product information. The ewi does not do any kind of musical inflections on its own. You can set the fingering of the yamaha wx5 midi wind controller to match a number of wind instruments and it features a 16key layout similar to a standard sax. Available production models include the akai ewi5000, akai ewiusb, and yamaha wx5. Setting on the yamaha wx5 that is used to adjust and center the pitch based on the. My fathers ewi unboxing which is an electronic instrument which lets you play the sounds of any instruments with the right software. Interestingly,samplemodeling virtual instruments are built with the wind player in mind. Mar 02, 2019 all one needs is a mac or pc computer and the usb software and you are on your way to practicing, performing, and recording with a full collection of wind instrument sounds. We also provide select closed source products free of charge for everyone to enjoy.

You get over 75 different orchestral, concert band, jazz band, and synthesizer sound sets expertly recorded and programmed by garritan. And because ewi usb is a midi controller, synthesizer users, producers, and keyboard players will enjoy the expressiveness that it can add to their setups. Zwa provides a comprehensive comparison for the akai ewi 4000s, akai ewi usb, and the yamaha wx5 as serious contenders for your wind controller time, along with niche options like the synthophone. While i love my ewi 4000s, with its great analog synth engine, the ewi 5000 offers a number of interesting improvements wireless, rechargeable battery, etc. Consider the yamaha wx5 that does not have an onboard sound module.

Akai ewi5000 and the akai ewi usb these feature the evi. Hold down the reset button for 5 seconds after its powered up. Ewi usb is an electronic wind instrument for musicians seeking an easy to play, easy to use controller. Akai ewi4000s wind controller bret pimentel, woodwinds. Press the reset button located in the aria config menu where you can choose the fingering for the ewi usb. In this case unplug the usb cable and plug it back in when the first message shows up on xpressions display. The pricing of the ewi usb makes it very interesting for many who have a limited budget. The yamaha wx5 wind midi controller plays like a woodwind, sounds like. Jan 12, 2009 akai ewi usb vst kenny g alto saxophone ewi 4000s, ewi 5000, yamaha wx sample library duration. Four wind controllers that are worth owning vintage synth. Older models out of production include the akai3020, yamaha wx11.

Ewi reason sounds is a small sound design studio that makes sounds and tools specially crafted for wind controller and ewi players. These electric wind instruments are the best electric saxophones on the market. The wx5 has better software than any other wind controller made by yamaha, but medocre key action and a reed bender thats not as responsive as past controllers. A couple obvious advantages to the ewi usbone can hook it directly to the computer via usb, whereas the wx5 would need a midi interface in between. Four wind controllers that are worth owning vintage. Find the software titled akai ewi usb in the appropriate location. Of course, to make use of the wx7 you also need a companion synthesizer, such as the vl70m to actually generate the sounds. Also, the ewi usb is powered by that usb connection, whereas the wx5 needs batteries or ac. I also downloaded and installed the aria update from akais website. Jun 24, 2010 i recently got my hands on one of these. Because ewi usb is a midi controller, its easy to expand your sound palette. This newest wind controller from akai is extremely responsive yet very economical. Wind controller synth synthesizer akai ewi usb ewiusb yamaha.

It should be fairly simple to add such function to ewitool or create separate program,including creation of libraries grouped by the type of voices,now. The akai ewi wind controllers ewc strong advantage over the yamaha win controllers is the optional brasstrumpet fingerings offered by the ewi usb and the ewi 4000s. Wind controllers synthesizers akai ewi, yamaha wx, roland. If you plug it in after powering up of xpression has already finished you need to tell xpression that you have connected a new usb device. Click banner to buy your akai ewi usb from the wind controller experts. Akai ewiusb control can be chained between the controller hardware and a. Its usb interface means that all you need is nearly any mac or pc and the included ewi usb software, and youre ready to practice, perform, create, and record with a full collection of wind instrument sounds. A couple obvious advantages to the ewi usb one can hook it directly to the computer via usb, whereas the wx5 would need a midi interface in between. Some advanced techniques become quite easy and natural to. I bought this controller to test an alternative to 4000 of the same manufacturer. Wind controller patchman music, llc online the wind. The status led on the ewi usb should light up, indicating the computer recognizes it.

Electric wind instruments, or ewi, goes by many names. Best electric wind instruments best sheet music editions. Best electronic wind instrument for the money top 4 ewi picks. Jan 21, 2018 ewi usb, ewi 4000s, ewi 5000, yamaha wx kontakt 5 sample library. The new ewi 4000 seemed to have the features i wanted, so i rented one at a local music store to check it out. The latest version of the program can be downloaded for pcs running windows xp7vista810, both 32 and 64bit. With precise, responsive wind and lip sensors, a choice of singlereed or recorder type mouthpieces, and a range of fingering modes, the wx5 makes expressive wind control more accessible than ever before. Learn how to setup the ewi usb on kontakt 5 software duration. Our goal is to inspire you with new tools, sounds and effects, to help you make more music and have more fun doing it. The fingering to the instrument is similar to that of a soprano saxophone or clarinet. It is the only instrument in the wx range that has a rugged metal body, compared to the plastic design of the wx5 and wx11. I dont currently know how to play any wind instruments other than trombone so i have quite the journey ahead of me, but i wanted to get my software situation squared away and had some questions. Thoughts on akai ewi4000 vs akai usb, yamaha wx5, 7 or 11.

Users from all countries and any language speaking members are welcome. Akai professional ewi usb electronic wind instrument. I havent played it long but im definitely enjoying it a lot more than i did the ewi. What is really needed is the ability to change banks and programs easily. Akais excellent direct to computer softsynth is the ewiusb. Akai ewi usb ewiusb midi wind controller at patchman music. Ewi usb is the most flexible ewi because it harnesses your computer to generate its sounds.

The ewi usb has multiple midi controllers that you can set to allow you to expressively play your software synth. This amazing instrument has been played by many notable artists like michael becker, bob mintzer, jeff kashiwa, dave koz, and steve tavaglione. Akais most affordable, turnkey wind controller is the the ewiusb. This is the lowest cost wind controller to come along in years. Yamaha wx5 wind controller with yamaha vl70m synthesizer module, or the akai ewiusb which includes a software synth and requires a computer. Utility software for the wind controller hardware ewiusb from akai professional. We can also put together a complete wind controller, windcontroller, or windsynth system for you.

It will only work with loose lip assigned to cc1, though. Because its usb, you plug this directly into your computer and play the included software synth softsynth. Its usb interface means that all you need is nearly any mac or pc and the included ewi usb software, and youre ready to practice, perform, create, and record. Connect the ewi usb to your computer using a standard usb cable included. Includes builtin midi output connector, dedicated connector and cable for direct connection to wxseries tone generators, highresolution wind sensor for smooth volume control, thumb. Kauldron with wind midi controller yamaha wx5 first try. Patchman music specializes in everything relating to midi wind controllers and breath controllers including the roland ae10g, ae05, and ae01 aerophones, akai ewi5000, akai ewi usb, akai ewi4000s, yamaha wx5 and vl70m, and wireless midi systems. This way you can keep multiple settings for different setups. Believe me when i tell you that this is a seriously cool instrument. Ewi usb, ewi 4000s, ewi 5000, yamaha wx kontakt 5 sample. Provides controls for all the hardwares parameters and allows for saving frequently used presets to disk.

The method for program changes described in the section ewiusb is also available on the wx5 using the bend wheel if desired. There is also wind controller, wind synthesizer, wind synth, and electric saxophone. Ewi5000, ewi4000s, ewi usb, softwind synthophone, yamaha wx5, wx7, wx11, aodyo sylphyo, midiflutes, midi guitar and almost every possible midi controller perfect for use in recording studios, on live gigs, concert performance, stage, theater, show, jazz, pop, classical music, film composition and more. The major manufacturers of wind controllers are akai, and yamaha. The less responsive reed bender on the wx5 makes it an excellent choice for a beginner, but frustrates some experienced sax players. Consult your software synthesizer documentation to find out which midi cc is used to control which parameter. Akai ewi, yamaha wx, roland ae10, sylphyo, nuevi, ecorder and others. Ewi from electronic wind instrument, pronounced eewee is a type of wind controller, an electronic musical instrument.

As the name says, this is an ewi style wind controller that outputs via usb directly to a computer such as a laptop. Some advanced techniques become quite easy and natural to do due to this. Setting up the akai ewiusb xpression includes a full editor of all parameters of the akai ewiusb. This needs practicing the ewi seriously in order to have a control that is similar to the control that you can get on a real sax. Jan 01, 2016 i havent played it long but im definitely enjoying it a lot more than i did the ewi. The most popular version among the software users is 1. Unfortunately ewi usb does not send control information to select voices directly. The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

Similarly, an example of a software synthesizer with support for wind controller playing is the zebra synthesizer from urs heckmann. This akai professional ewi usb is at the low end of the ewi scale and has a matching. Cognitone supports the development of and contribution to open source software projects, some of which are listed here. Also, the ewi usb comes with the garritan aria sound bank. Mar 20, 2016 the virtual instrument software is a custom version of garritans aria player that supports breath control n related midi data. Plus i didnt realized that the vl70 was quite old, more or less from 1996, so there is not usb connection, memory cards slots, softwares to create your own sounds or upload different ones, etc. Are the yamaha wx5, or other wind controllers, still viable. Having made a choice he explains all you need to buy to have your ewi sounding like a legit saxophone.

Akai ewi usb vst kenny g alto saxophone ewi 4000s, ewi 5000, yamaha wx sample library duration. Pc that can connect with the ewi using a usb midi interface. Ewi usb offers multiple fingering modes including sax, traditional ewi, recorder, and evi, so whether youre just starting out as a woodwind student or an old pro wind player, youll find ewi usb easy to play. After about 20 years of playing the yamaha wx series instruments i decided to try out the competition. This mac application was originally developed by akai professional, lp. Today akai makes one model that is just a controller, the ewi usb, and. Dont use any sound modules or software synths that were made for keyboards instead of wind controllers. Patchman music is the leading dealer in the usa for the new akai ewi usb wind controller. The ewiusb comes with a companion software synthesizer softsynth and is the perfect entry level instrument. Ewi 4000s5000 can select 100 voices from the first bank,but will not change banks or go beyond voices 099. Although it was originally designed for a soprano sax, this protec case can also be used with all other akai ewi, yamaha wx, and evi models. It was invented by nyle steiner, who conceptualized the idea in the 1960s, and developed the first working models in the 1970s the early models consisted of two parts. My beef with the 5000 is that it just doesnt sound like an ewi.

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